We offer a full service to our clients from initial design concepts through to installation of tensile structure. Our dedicated expertise, experience and technical innovation mean that a Shadeco Tensile project delivers not only outstanding design but also practically in relation to, cost, quality, construction and project lifecycle.


Everything begins with a conversation when you will call us first we listen to your project need briefly and visit the site, as we believe every sites requirement are unique. Once we have inspected the site. We would then listen to your project need in detail. After brain storming session with our in house design and installation team, offer best custom solution to your need vs. what project requires. The initial ideas would be presented through rough reference images and 2d/3d sketches.

Shadeco Tensile
Shadeco Tensile


Once you have approved our initial ideas we would present realistic design rendering for tensile shades. Our inventive design team works along with you to optimize the aesthetic charm, structural performance and client satisfaction throughout the design process. Based on your location, we provide the technical design expertise required when deciding which materials and concept work best.


We would decide on Project Management scope and condition, mutually. We would assign a dedicated project manager to your project, who will not only bring you relevant knowledge, but also total service continuity and creativity throughout your project.

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The manufacturing portion work would commence at our workshop where you could be free to visit if you want to check the quality. We provide fabrication workshop drawings for the supporting steel structure framing. The whole tensile material package for steel includes planning, building code and regulation (Indian Standard). All steel drawings are generated from a comprehensive 3D model than the conversion to 2D drawing details needed and provide a much greater visualization of the project throughout fabrication and erection. Once it involves steel fabrication, we use the latest and most advanced CNC machines to cut plates and membrane profile, tube bending and at last assemble fabricated steels.


The high risk for tensile structure is at installation. For the explanations of various shapes of fabric, the installation methodology is totally different in each project; hence our engineering team has put high effort & expertise to design the installation method. Shadeco Tensile has well trained in house installation team. They have years of experience to service customers.

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Cleaning and Maintenance is a very important part of the structure's lifecycle. Shadeco Tensile protects your investments. We additionally give our services to keep up your canopy to make sure durability, safety and longevity. We conduct regular, routine and scheduled cleaning & maintenance on your tensile canopy and conduct regularly checks to examine tension, materials and connections for defect due to loose of tension and corrosion. We offer a tailored package to keep up and clean your canopy for the duration of its life.